Warm(ish) weather and new running shoes!

Enough said. Life is good!


Finally got to take these babies for a test drive!


Another Snowy Run

The weather continues to be slightly warmer here, though it snowed for most of the day.  Not wanting to miss another workout, I headed out for a 2.25 mile loop around my neighborhood.  I am not normally a fan of the winter (in fact, I’m sure I’ll be cranky about it tomorrow when I’m walking around campus), but there is something so peaceful about running outside in the snow.  Granted, the running is a little more challenging, but we take our time and are very careful to be aware of cars.

I’m learning a lot about winter running this year, and what I need to do to keep my workouts successful in any weather.  One thing that helped today was…. I got those shoes I wanted!  It was perfect timing, really.  I ordered them from L.L. Bean a few weeks ago (I had a couple coupons), but they were back-ordered.  Luckily, they arrived just as I was getting ready to go running, and I couldn’t resist wearing them!  For the first time, I ran in snow without getting my feet wet.  Awesome.

These Shoes Are In My Dreams

Seriously, I think I need these shoes – badly – like, I might not stop obsessing over them until I can revel in their dry, cushion-y wonder while out on the wet, cold roads.

These are the Brooks Ghost GTX.  They have all the benefits of a super-comfortable Brooks shoe, but with GORE-TEX in the liner.  Apparently, they keep your feet warm and dry, which is pretty appealing.  It also looks like they have great cushioning and a solid sole that will give good traction.

I am seriously considering picking these up.  My current shoes are pretty worn out, and it is time for a new pair.  Plus, there isn’t a better time of year to invest in this type of “bad weather” technology.

I’m doing some research though.  I am normally 100% an Asics girl (wearing the Cumulus 14, currently, which I love), but I’m considering branching out.  I think I need to know if the grass is, in fact, greener when running in other brands, but I am hesitant to make the switch since it hasn’t gone well in the past (I haven’t had great luck with Nike or Saucony running shoes). I tried on a pair of Brooks Ghost shoes (the store didn’t stock the GTX version), and I found them very comfortable.

Do you have any experience with these shoes?  This brand?  Am I a fool for even considering fixing something that isn’t broken?

By the way, Brooks has no idea that I exist, or that I am considering purchasing their shoes.  I am just thinking “out loud” and looking for opinions.  🙂