These Shoes Are In My Dreams

Seriously, I think I need these shoes – badly – like, I might not stop obsessing over them until I can revel in their dry, cushion-y wonder while out on the wet, cold roads.

These are the Brooks Ghost GTX.  They have all the benefits of a super-comfortable Brooks shoe, but with GORE-TEX in the liner.  Apparently, they keep your feet warm and dry, which is pretty appealing.  It also looks like they have great cushioning and a solid sole that will give good traction.

I am seriously considering picking these up.  My current shoes are pretty worn out, and it is time for a new pair.  Plus, there isn’t a better time of year to invest in this type of “bad weather” technology.

I’m doing some research though.  I am normally 100% an Asics girl (wearing the Cumulus 14, currently, which I love), but I’m considering branching out.  I think I need to know if the grass is, in fact, greener when running in other brands, but I am hesitant to make the switch since it hasn’t gone well in the past (I haven’t had great luck with Nike or Saucony running shoes). I tried on a pair of Brooks Ghost shoes (the store didn’t stock the GTX version), and I found them very comfortable.

Do you have any experience with these shoes?  This brand?  Am I a fool for even considering fixing something that isn’t broken?

By the way, Brooks has no idea that I exist, or that I am considering purchasing their shoes.  I am just thinking “out loud” and looking for opinions.  🙂