Miller State Park

Last weekend, we decided to head out for our first big hike of the season!  We went to Miller State Park in New Hampshire to hike Pack Monadnock.  We chose this hike for a couple of reasons:

  1. It is dog-friendly!  We love to hike with our dogs (shocking, I know).  The regular (and more famous) Mount Monadnock does not allow dogs.
  2. Since it is close to a really popular mountain in the area (Mount Monadnock), Miller State Park (and Pack Monadnock) do not generally have the same kinds of crowds.
  3. It is relatively close to home (about 45 minutes away), but not so close that it is a hike we tackle often.
  4. It is a long and challenging hike (there is even some scrambling involved… well, if you’re short like me!)


We had a great day!  The dogs had a blast, and Jeb and I had a great workout.  The trails were nice and quiet, and the views were spectacular.  There is a fire tower at the summit, and I love to climb up to the top and take photos.  The only downside, really, was the mud.  It had rained for a solid week here, and the trails were a bit muddy.  Not only did the mud attract LOTS of mayflies, but I also slipped and fell while scrambling up some rocks.  I’m fine, but I do have a nasty bruise on my thigh.  Whoops.

I missed out on a lot of hiking last summer because of my injury.  This year, I plan to try lots of new trails! 🙂  Here are some pictures from our day.

DSC_5481 DSC_5495 DSC_5500 DSC_5522 DSC_5531


Keeping it Simple

I’m keeping it simple.  After following a pretty strict training plan for the last 6+ months, I needed a break.  The structured training was great for recovery from my injury, and gave me great confidence with my running progress.  However, since I don’t have any races scheduled, I’m taking it easy.

I’m lifting pretty hard, so I’m taking it easy on the roads.  Over the years I’ve learned that I have to listen to my body – the times when I haven’t is when I’ve gotten injured.  Wendy and I are enjoying our runs, and they are restorative and fun.  It’s nice to not stress about times or distance.

But, my little sister is running the Rock and Roll Half in Providence in September… and I’m starting to get the itch…  we will see what happens…

Pre-Wedding Activities

My little sister got married on Saturday!  I was the matron of honor, and my other sister was the maid of honor.  It was so great to work with my sister on all the pre-wedding activities.  For her shower, we decided to go with a “shabby chic” theme in her wedding colors.  ImageImageImageImageImageImage

It was a really fun day!  Then, in May, we took her to Foxwoods Casino to a super-fancy bowling alley.  We had a great time!ImageImageImageImageImageImage

After all the planning, all the work, and all the celebrations, it is all over!  I will add wedding pictures soon… and then back to regular posts!


I’m back!  After a crazy semester (I took 21 credits – no fluff classes – and still made Dean’s list), being Matron-of-Honor in my sister’s wedding (and all the associated planning), and dealing with a flooded kitchen (and the subsequent remodel), my life has FINALLY slowed down for the summer!  Hooray!

Seriously, though, life has been a whirlwind.  So much so, that I still can’t quiet my mind at night and get a good (full) night’s rest!  I’m not going to write a crazy-long post here with all the updates, but will sprinkle them in (with photos) as I go along.


So, without further ado – here is our NEW KITCHEN (naturally, this is said with a game show host’s voice!):

DSC_5200 DSC_5201 DSC_5205 DSC_5208 DSC_5211

It was hard to get good photos, but you get the idea.  This project was challenging, but manageable.  We really tried to think through every decision to maximize the space and make sure that we got everything we wanted (so we don’t have to do it again!).  We particularly love our granite – it is called “Santa Cecilia White,” which is a new color, and has little bits of garnets in it.   Not shown in the pictures is undercabinet lighting – something that I did not expect to really care about, but that I REALLY love.

Coming from an outdated, water-damaged kitchen, this new one is a breath of fresh air!  Now that the project is done, I have been enjoying trying new recipes.  This summer, I want to master making homemade pasta and I also want to try and learn to make croissants.