I never knew how to answer that interview question, “Tell me about yourself.”  Similarly, when I started this blog (along with my previous attempts at blogging), I was stumped.  How do I share enough so you know me, yet not too much?  How do I condense “me” into a couple paragraphs?

I guess you could say that I am under construction (though, aren’t we all?).  I’m always working on something, and, since this blog is kind of about my life, there will be a lot of variety here.  I’m in graduate school.  I’m also a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a puppy mama (for two adorable pups!).  And, I’m an amateur photographer (a hobbyist, really), and always working on my cooking/baking skills.

I’m also working on becoming a healthier person.  This includes healthy foods and exercise (I’ve lost over 60 pounds!), but also the stuff that we don’t really talk about – self-care, getting enough sleep, etc.

I am a runner – albeit a SLOW one.  I’m probably never going to win any age group medals or qualify for a major race (like the Boston Marathon).  But I still try to think of myself as a runner.  For me, running is meditative.  It is relaxing, and a chance to be at peace with myself.  It also helps me gain perspective when life gets overwhelming.

I’m also pretty excited about heavy weight-lifting, and prefer powerlifting to bodypart splits.  I work out at a pretty intense gym, and I love being (usually) the only woman in the room.  Being strong is empowering, and it helps my running!

I’m sure the direction of this blog will shift from time-to-time, as my life is generally in transition.  But, the core will remain the same – things that excite me, things I’m working on, things that make me happy, and my progress on the roads and in the gym.

Thanks for stopping by!

Relaxing with my little dog after a nice, long hike!

Relaxing with my little dog after a nice, long hike!


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