As I complete races, I will update this list with a bit of info and, when available, a post with a full race recap.

Warrior Dash 2010 – This was my first mud run (and my favorite).  It was at Windham Mountain in New York.

Warrior Dash New England (2011) – After such a great experience with my first Warrior Dash, I had high hopes for this one.  Not only was it closer to home, but I had more time to train (and was in better shape).  Unfortunately, I found this one to be very disorganized.  Plus, the entire course was ankle-deep mud, as opposed to New York, where the course was grass or hard-packed trails but the obstacles were muddy.  I spent most of the race trying to avoid injury – not my favorite.

Nike Women’s Half-Marathon 2011 – My first half marathon!  It was a great experience.  My time wasn’t awesome (or even close to my target), but I got food poisoning about 36 hours before the start and my electrolytes were WAY off.  I was impressed with how Nike handled the entire event, although I have heard that others did not feel the same way.

Nike Women’s Half-Marathon 2012 – Another great experience, and Nike did an even better job at organizing this HUGE event.


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