Photo: Feel free to share.  Praying for Boston and those affected.  The marathon runner is strong and no one can take that away.

This hits close to home – both as a runner, and as a MA resident.  There will be a lot of discussion about the causes, what could have been done differently, etc.  But, I hope people don’t lose sight of the individuals impacted – those injured/killed, the runners who never got to finish, the first responders, all the good samaritans at the scene… and the list goes on.  This isn’t a time for rhetoric or political agenda – it is a time to mourn, to grow and learn together, and to try and move toward a future when people won’t feel the need to use violence to try and promote their political views.

It looks like people will be wearing race shirts tomorrow as an act of solidarity.  I know I will participate – care to join me?


How To Get Your Dog In Shape For Summer Adventure

Here are some great tips if you’re thinking about bringing a furry friend along for your runs!

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For most of the US, spring is in full effect. Now that the snow line is receding and the daylight hours are increasing, many of us are planning our running training calendars, long distance mountain bike rides, peak-bagging missions and other fitness goals.

We realize that to accomplish our goals, we need to train and get in shape, and the same goes for our dogs. Although they may try to keep up for the long haul, our dogs really need to build up slowly in order to ensure safety and maximum enjoyment for everyone.

Mountain Biking with your Dog

Our dogs can be the best training partner we’ve ever had – Runner’s World magazine even ran a story called, “Five reasons to run with your furry friend”. Here are some tips to help you and your dog get into shape safely!

  • Don’t start too early. It is best to allow puppies to fully develop…

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I’ve been hesitant to lift heavy since my injury. As I’ve mentioned, I still have some residual pain. Plus, I am terrified to get hurt again! But, I’ve started having some niggling pains in my joints and muscles and I know that lifting can help offset any muscle imbalances from running. SO, I started a new program. This lifting program focuses on glute and hamstring strength, which can only help my running!

Since I started lifting, the pain from my injury has gotten significantly better. Also, my running pace has increased significantly… and it feels effortless! This is nice – especially since the Nike half is coming up, and school is cutting into my training time.

Seems like a win-win to me. And lifting is so damn fun…