So much for a recovery week…

My recovery week ended today.  It started out pretty good – I did a lot of stretching and some yoga.  I also did a bit of shoveling (even though I said I would take it easy!), but took care of myself after I came inside.  The storm was definitely a factor in everything that happened over my recovery week (and it worked out well that I took the break when we were going to have such poor weather).  While I wasn’t handling the downtime perfectly, it was all going pretty well and I was looking forward to getting back into things.

Then, on Sunday, I returned from a family birthday party to a loud and strange sound.  My dogs didn’t greet me at the door (which was concerning!).  I ran in and searched the house, eventually finding that our kitchen was flooded.  A pipe burst over our kitchen and destroyed our cabinets, counters, floor and a few small appliances.  Ugh.  The last couple of days have been a whirlwind of clean-up, dealing with the insurance company, and lots of stress.  I can’t believe it.

Now, we have to wait a couple weeks until we get our insurance payment and can start the rebuilding process.  This means limited cooking for the foreseeable future, and general chaos in our house.  And, to be honest, I have not kept my fitness/health goals in mind.  I have definitely been stress-eating, and didn’t stretch, do yoga, run, or anything for several days.  I have 100 days to my sister’s wedding (I definitely want to lose more weight for that) and 74 days until my goal race – so no time to waste!

I’ve mentioned before that I struggle with super-strict programs, but I think I might need to switch to one right now.  As much as my own particular brand of craziness can resist specific programs, I don’t think my willpower can handle something flexible right now.  I will continue with my running (of course), but will add a more specific plan for food and cross-training, and add in some specific accountability.

But, on the bright side, I did have good run today (the weather was spectacular!).  I think I needed it even more than I realized.  It helped to burn off some stress and get me out of the craziness at my house.



This week is a recovery week, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  I’m beat, and starting to show signs of overtraining.  For me, that usually means sleep disturbances (can’t sleep soundly, no matter how tired I am), achy bones and joints, increased susceptibility to colds, and exactly ZERO motivation to work out.  The motivation thing isn’t a typical, “Oh, I don’t feel like it” but more of a “I just don’t have it in me” kind of feeling.

I’ve been watching for the signs, and noticing how they have been gradually piling up, for the last couple of weeks.  I started a new semester a few weeks ago.  My classes have forced me to change my sleep schedule quite a bit, which is a huge struggle for me (I have a lot of trouble with sleep, and adjusting to a new sleep schedule is a challenge).  Plus, I attend a very large university, so I’ve spent a lot of extra time walking around a very cold campus.  On top of those logistical things, I have a lot of homework and am also planning my sister’s bridal shower.  I’m having a little bit of trouble turning off my mind, and the stress and sleep deprivation is affecting my recovery.

Since this was a recovery week anyway, my runs have been shorter.  My long run this week was only supposed to be 6 miles.  Since we are expecting the snowpocalypse on Friday, I probably won’t run this weekend.  So, I took today off, and will do a lot of yoga and foam rolling for the next 4-5 days – and will likely avoid running and cross-training altogether.  I will also try to get this sleep thing under control – I’m no stranger to insomnia, and I know enough of myself to know that it can be a slippery slope.  I don’t want it to get worse than it is.

I needed to take care of myself a bit, so I took a short detour on my ride home today to play photographer.  I will post them soon.  Then, next week, back at it.  I will probably keep my long run next week to 6 miles, and then continue to ramp up from there.

Sometimes it is good to take a break.

Yoga Friday

Wendy likes to help with Yoga Fridays… sometimes. Today, she napped on the couch.


I don’t know why, but it seems like I always do yoga on Fridays.  My workouts have been kind of wacky this week (on account of the weather) so it was good to do something familiar.  One benefit of being stuck inside, though, is that it forced me to get in a couple good cross-training sessions.  I’ve also been very diligent with my foam rolling and mobility work.  Of course, the cross-training made me a little sore, so the yoga helped with that too.

Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to warm up a bit (like 10 degrees warmer than today!).  I can’t wait to go running.


So, about that cross-training thing…

Things I did this week:

  1. Complete 100% of my scheduled runs (this winter is turning into a good training cycle so far!)
  2. Made some super-healthy recipes (one will be posted this weekend)
  3. Got way less sleep than I should have – Jeb had a crazy work schedule
  4. Used the foam roller or stick every day!
  5. Made a kick-ass birthday cake for Talia (pictures to come)
  6. Finished my winter class


Things I did not do this week:

  1. Cross-train
  2. Hills


Ah well.  I was really trying to get going on the cross-training and hills, but it just didn’t happen.  My recovery has been crap, and I’m trying to keep my running a priority.  Next week, I start a new semester, so I bet things will feel crazy next week too.  Instead of doing something formal, and making myself crazy, I think I will have a list of exercises that I need to do on my non-running days, and then sprinkle them in throughout the day (study for an hour, 3 sets of squats, study for an hour, 3 sets of RDLs…something like that).

I can’t let myself get crazy obsessed… but I also can’t let myself get lazy.


Active Recovery

I was supposed to go for a long run today.  Unfortunately, we got about a foot of snow last night, and by the time the roads were cleared enough so I wouldn’t face-plant while running, it was dark.  Sigh…  tomorrow is another day.

After finishing all my work for the day, I did a light yoga workout.  It felt great to stretch out.  Between that and my valiant efforts to stay hydrated, I think I am ready for a great run tomorrow!

Active recovery is becoming a much more important part of my routine.  I’m not sure if it is because of my injury or just a natural part of the aging process.  Either way, I feel about a billion times better if I take a little time to stretch, foam roll, do yoga, etc.

In other news, this is hilarious…

Not sure why this made me laugh as hard as it did haha