On being realistic…

Yes, I know it's winter right now, but this shot reminds me of a fun and relaxing day before my life got nutty!

Yes, I know it’s winter right now, but this shot reminds me of a fun and relaxing day before my life got nutty!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a WEE bit busy (read: overwhelmed) right now.  As much as I’ve tried juggling everything, I think it is time to reassess and re-prioritize before I return to school.  In an ideal world, I would like to continue to do well in school and at work, lift 3x a week, run 3x a week, sleep 7-8 hours/night, and still have time for photography and cooking/finding new recipes.  Clearly, this is unrealistic.  

Obviously, I will continue to do well at school and work – these are non-negotiable, and will set me up for future happiness.  Lifting and running should be happening – for both my mental and physical health, though maybe the intense programs that I’ve been trying to follow are a bit much right now.  My schedule makes it tough to get out for a run, especially since I’m not home during daylight hours.  Plus, I need some downtime to give my brain a rest!  Normally, running or lifting can help with this, but it’s not cutting the mustard right now… 🙂

So, what to do?  It’s hard to not feel frustrated and ineffectual when I can’t seem to fit everything into my schedule.  I worry that I’m sabotaging something, and don’t want to look back on this time of my life and feel like I’ve wasted opportunities.

Being realistic about my time and capabilities is really hard.  But, so is overcommitting and feeling completely overwhelmed.  I’m on break this week, and plan to use this time as an opportunity to start to figure this out… (and to recharge!)

Stay tuned…


Blog Readers

Now that Google Reader is going away, I’m trying out different blog readers.  I’m not a huge fan of the wordpress one, so I’m checking out Bloglovin’ and Feedly.  Any recommendations?  What do you use?

I haven’t figured out how to link to my blog through Feedly, but if you use bloglovin, you can use the button in the sidebar to follow me. 🙂

How To Get Your Dog In Shape For Summer Adventure

Here are some great tips if you’re thinking about bringing a furry friend along for your runs!

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For most of the US, spring is in full effect. Now that the snow line is receding and the daylight hours are increasing, many of us are planning our running training calendars, long distance mountain bike rides, peak-bagging missions and other fitness goals.

We realize that to accomplish our goals, we need to train and get in shape, and the same goes for our dogs. Although they may try to keep up for the long haul, our dogs really need to build up slowly in order to ensure safety and maximum enjoyment for everyone.

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Our dogs can be the best training partner we’ve ever had – Runner’s World magazine even ran a story called, “Five reasons to run with your furry friend”. Here are some tips to help you and your dog get into shape safely!

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So, apparently Panera has a HIDDEN menu…

I just heard – Panera has healthier, low-calorie menu options!  From what I can tell, there are options that are gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.   Oh, but they are on a secret menu…

For the new year, Panera started serving a “hidden menu” that has lower calorie paleo-ish items.  This is great… in theory.  Panera’s made-to-order business model certainly allows for enough customization of the menu for just about anyone to stick to their chosen diet.  However, so many of their soups and sandwiches are sneakily caloric.  Even the salads have piles of nuts and cheese, which certainly pack on the calories (they are calorie-dense, even if they ARE delicious and have some nutritional value).  I was pretty excited to learn that they are now offering these newer items – things like a Mediterranean Chicken (or turkey) Salad, Chicken Hummus Bowl, or Steak Lettuce Wraps.  Nice.

Here’s my problem with this – WHY is it a hidden menu?  At this time of year, when everyone is thinking about healthier lifestyles (whether a New Year’s Resolution or just getting back on track after the holidays), they could probably draw in a lot of business with these options.  Plus, without advertising the menu, people might not hear about it, and it won’t be profitable.  If it isn’t profitable, it won’t last.  This is sad – there aren’t many quick, healthy options out there, and I think people would embrace these items if they were on the regular menu.

So, if you want to try it (and you are in the U.S.), you have to tell the cashier that you are ordering from the hidden menu… and try not to feel silly doing so!  Next time I go to Panera, I plan to give it a whirl.  If anything, I will be voting with my wallet.

Isn’t the whole thing kind of strange, though?  Why develop a new menu concept, but then not do everything possible to make it succeed?

Hello world!

Get out there and run!

I am a runner – albeit a SLOW one.  I’m probably never going to win any age group medals or qualify for a major race (like the Boston Marathon).  But I still try to think of myself as a runner.

For me, running is meditative.  It is relaxing, and a chance to be at peace with myself.  It also helps me gain perspective when life gets overwhelming.

I’m more than a runner, though.  I’m a wife, a sister, an aunt, a daughter, and a puppy mama (x2).  I’m also a student, an amateur photographer, and a cook/baker.

I hope you enjoy my musings as much as I enjoy sharing them!