Dreaming of Spring


It’s Spring Break!  Granted, it doesn’t feel like spring around here – in fact, my weather app tells me that it currently feels like 5º F.  Awesome.  This winter has been long and brutal, and I’m definitely starting to get the itch for warmer weather.

Since I’m the proud new owner of a macro lens, I bought some flowers and decided to play around and get comfortable with it!  I definitely have some work to do, but the exercise was fun and helped to brighten my day.  Spring doesn’t feel so far away after all!

DSC_7763 DSC_7761 DSC_7757


Starting to thaw in Boston!


Finally! After a lot of snow, and a lot of freezing temperatures, we’re seeing a glimpse of spring! The geese outside the Museum of Fine Arts were wandering around on the sidewalks
(though, admittedly, it is hard to see them in this picture!).

30 days to go!

Um – see that over there?  My countdown is truly on now – my goal race is only 30 days away!  Yikes.  To be honest, I am not feeling as ready as I expected when I signed up (though, does anyone ever feel REALLY ready for a race?).  There are a couple reasons for this:

  • My injury is not fully healed.  There are limits to how much I can train in certain ways.
  • I was rock solid about my training from November to February.  Unfortunately, I was also terrified that I would make my injury worse again or get reinjured.  This really affected my progress – although my endurance got better, and I REALLY enjoyed every workout, my pace did not increase.  I simply wasn’t pushing hard enough.  Lesson learned.
  • I’ve been feeling crazy swamped and overwhelmed for the last 4-6 weeks.  Sometimes, my workouts just haven’t happened.

Ah well.  No matter what, I know I have put in the time.  I just hope that my progress will be good enough.


In other news, Wendy and I are BOTH really enjoying the warmer weather. 🙂