Snowy Day

It’s snowing again!  I’m getting a little bit sick of winter, but the snow does look very pretty sticking to the trees outside my house.  Spring is on my mind, though.  I love taking photos of flowers (much to Jeb’s chagrin!), and looking at them reminds me that spring/summer is coming.  I can’t wait!

Quick updates:

  • I have had a bit of trouble hitting my stride again (see what I did there? 🙂) after my last recovery week.  Between the kitchen flooding (and all the headaches that come with that), an obscene amount of homework, and planning my sister’s bridal shower, I have just been swamped.  That being said, I made it out for a few short runs.  I’m just not hitting my typical mileage.
  • New nutrition strategy is working well, I think.  First weigh-in will be tomorrow, then I will adjust accordingly.  Overall, I am feeling better than I had before – I think I really needed to tighten down on my diet, even more than I had realized!
  • I’m still concerned about my speed.  I think my endurance is pretty solid, though I will definitely have to maintain/improve that a bit before my race.  My biggest obstacle, though, is getting back up to speed after my injury.  I’m trying to work on stride rate now, and will add hills and more specific speedwork once the roads are dry/safe.
  • Cross-training is going great!  Once my back is 100% better, I think I will do at least one heavy powerlifting cycle.  I miss it.

And, to help you think about spring too, here are some flowers!

DSC_0770_edited-1 DSC_1942_edited-1 DSC_1953_edited-1 DSC_2074_edited-1 DSC_2076_edited-1


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