This week is a recovery week, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  I’m beat, and starting to show signs of overtraining.  For me, that usually means sleep disturbances (can’t sleep soundly, no matter how tired I am), achy bones and joints, increased susceptibility to colds, and exactly ZERO motivation to work out.  The motivation thing isn’t a typical, “Oh, I don’t feel like it” but more of a “I just don’t have it in me” kind of feeling.

I’ve been watching for the signs, and noticing how they have been gradually piling up, for the last couple of weeks.  I started a new semester a few weeks ago.  My classes have forced me to change my sleep schedule quite a bit, which is a huge struggle for me (I have a lot of trouble with sleep, and adjusting to a new sleep schedule is a challenge).  Plus, I attend a very large university, so I’ve spent a lot of extra time walking around a very cold campus.  On top of those logistical things, I have a lot of homework and am also planning my sister’s bridal shower.  I’m having a little bit of trouble turning off my mind, and the stress and sleep deprivation is affecting my recovery.

Since this was a recovery week anyway, my runs have been shorter.  My long run this week was only supposed to be 6 miles.  Since we are expecting the snowpocalypse on Friday, I probably won’t run this weekend.  So, I took today off, and will do a lot of yoga and foam rolling for the next 4-5 days – and will likely avoid running and cross-training altogether.  I will also try to get this sleep thing under control – I’m no stranger to insomnia, and I know enough of myself to know that it can be a slippery slope.  I don’t want it to get worse than it is.

I needed to take care of myself a bit, so I took a short detour on my ride home today to play photographer.  I will post them soon.  Then, next week, back at it.  I will probably keep my long run next week to 6 miles, and then continue to ramp up from there.

Sometimes it is good to take a break.


7 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. This week I am resting as well, no running! I have been so tired even the thought of waking up early up early is nauseating!! Isn’t it funny how things sneak up on you like this??

    • It really is. I was feeling pretty strong about a week ago, and now I’m a mess. We are about to get a ton of snow (about 2 feet) so I will probably doing some shoveling for cross-training (haha), but I probably won’t be out and about much. That will give me plenty of time to really take care of myself.

    • It sure is. It has taken me a long time to learn that it is ok to take a break – I used to freak out about losing my progress and I really felt my body breaking down. I still have a little guilt, but I know I’m doing what is best for my body.

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