WARNING:  This post has nothing to do with running or healthy living or anything like that.

It is, however, about something that I love – football!  I’ve been a huge fan of the NFL since I was 9.  Though I live in New England, I’m a Buffalo Bills fan.  Unfortunately, my team hasn’t been overly successful in the last 15 years, but this has allowed me to become more of a student of the game.  I find that I really enjoy watching a quality match, though I do have several teams that I vaguely support (and a couple that I HATE).  Yes, I realize how strange that sounds.  I have a soft spot for several teams – it’s not a bandwagon thing, but more of a healthy respect for the organizations and/or some of the players.

Fortunately, I support both teams that are going to the Superbowl this year – the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers.  I have liked the Ravens since they arrived in Baltimore in 2000.  I respect their style of play (a strong defense and a solid running game), and really like Flacco’s ability to make big plays with a super-accurate long ball.  Also, I really like watching Ray Lewis play, despite the circumstantial murder charge, and am glad he gets one last run at a Championship before he retires.  The 49ers are a different story.  They have such a legacy (Joe Montana, Steve Young), but slumped for awhile before rebuilding over the last couple of years.  Their offense is potent and their defense is highly underrated.  On paper, they were one of the best teams in the league this year.  All in all, I am happy to find both of these teams in the Superbowl – it should make for a good match-up.

This year, I think the Ravens will win.  I think it will be close, and I think there will probably be some turnovers and big plays, but the Ravens seem to have the X-Factor this year (the same type of x-factor that helped the Giants beat the Patriots in 2008 and 2012).  The 49ers deserve it – they were dominant all year – but my gut tells me the Ravens will eek it out.  I think this is Flacco’s time to shine, and a chance for Lewis to go out on a high note.  Plus, with some of the personnel changes expected in Baltimore this offseason, they will likely be rebuilding next year – so there is a sense of urgency.  The 49ers, though, will likely be dominant for the next few years and could be back again very soon.

Either way, it will be a good game.  Because I like both teams, and don’t hate any of them, I can just enjoy the game.  It should be a good ending to an eventful season.



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