Last Run in January (Mid-week Long Run!)

My running schedule is a bit off (because of the weather), so I had a long run scheduled for today.  I’ve been feeling a bit out of whack the last couple of days – achy feet and trouble staying hydrated – so I was a little nervous for the workout.  After drinking my Nuun (my favorite way to hydrate before/during workouts), having a good dynamic warm-up, and doing a bit of foam rolling, I headed out.

It. Was. Glorious.  Seriously, it was tough, but it felt SO good.  The weather was wacky – unseasonably warm, but kind of stormy.  It rained a couple times, and was VERY windy.  I think Wendy was a little alarmed when the wind picked up, but she did a great job sticking with me.  With a good audiobook playing, the time flew by and I finished my run – 8.2 miles.  I always shoot for a little farther than I am supposed to go (according to my plan) because I’m worried about reaching my house again before I finish the distance – that’s why my runs are always an odd number (8.2, 4.36, etc.).  Today’s goal was 8 miles.

Also, today’s run was my last one in January!  I can’t believe how quickly the month went by, and how close we are to spring!  This month, I ran 52.52 miles (13 runs with an average distance of 4 miles).  Not bad, and definitely my highest mileage since I returned to running after my injury.  For reference, I ran 33.88 in December, 25.9 in November, and 26.61 in October (but one of those was the NWM 13.1).

Oh, and for all the endorphins and whatnot from my run, the VERY long, hot shower after I got home was pretty amazing too.


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