Well, I got out there for a quick (but cold) run.  Despite every local forecaster’s prediction that the weather would start to warm up, it was still only about 15º F.  I bundled up and, honestly, when the wind wasn’t blowing, it wasn’t TOO bad.  Unfortunately, the wind was blowing about 75% of the time.

I was also really worried about Wendy getting too cold.  She wore her coat, and I put a thin layer of vaseline on the edges of her ears.  Apparently, that can help prevent frostbite, and it made me feel better to do anything I can to keep her comfortable.  Even still, her feet definitely got cold, so we came home early.  I washed her feet, covered her in a blanket, and she is sleeping soundly now.  I think the short workout was as good for her as it was for me!

Either way, we covered a nice, quick 2.25 miles and, despite the cold, it felt great to get back out there.  Now, to enjoy one of my last Saturdays before I get swamped with work again!


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