So, about that cross-training thing…

Things I did this week:

  1. Complete 100% of my scheduled runs (this winter is turning into a good training cycle so far!)
  2. Made some super-healthy recipes (one will be posted this weekend)
  3. Got way less sleep than I should have – Jeb had a crazy work schedule
  4. Used the foam roller or stick every day!
  5. Made a kick-ass birthday cake for Talia (pictures to come)
  6. Finished my winter class


Things I did not do this week:

  1. Cross-train
  2. Hills


Ah well.  I was really trying to get going on the cross-training and hills, but it just didn’t happen.  My recovery has been crap, and I’m trying to keep my running a priority.  Next week, I start a new semester, so I bet things will feel crazy next week too.  Instead of doing something formal, and making myself crazy, I think I will have a list of exercises that I need to do on my non-running days, and then sprinkle them in throughout the day (study for an hour, 3 sets of squats, study for an hour, 3 sets of RDLs…something like that).

I can’t let myself get crazy obsessed… but I also can’t let myself get lazy.



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