I think I need to start cross-training (more)

so go get stronger.

Yep, pretty much. I should get on that.

I KNOW cross-training is good for me.  Running is great and all, but strength training and other forms of activity are really good for overall fitness and health.  Plus, it can help prevent muscle imbalances that can lead to injury.  On top of that, some forms of cross-training can help with speed.

I have to be better about this.  Right now, I have it built into my schedule, but often decide to do yoga, stretching, or take a rest day instead.  While those are all good things, I think it is time that I bite the bullet and get back into some strength training.

Now that my cold is getting better, I am going to commit to 2 strength workouts a week!  I also plan to add one dedicated hill workout each week.  Depending on my schedule and how I am recovering, I may count a hill workout as one of my strength workouts, but only if I include some upper body lifting and core work when I get home.

I have a couple days to plan, and will begin with my new training week (starts Monday).  This is a little tricky for me because I used to be heavily into powerlifting (so I tend to overthink strength training), especially because I am so overly cautious about injury-prevention.  I probably  just need a couple days to mull it over, and I should be good to go!


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