Winter Motoring

Today was a rest day, so I did a little bit of stretching and drank a TON of water.  The weather was decent, so we decided to take a short road trip out to Western Massachusetts.  Since Jeb and I both drive Mini Coopers, we’ve started to refer to our little adventures as “motoring!”  The dogs always love a good road trip, too.



First, we stopped at the Pumping Station Bridge, a covered bridge in Greenfield.  It is closed to traffic, but we were able to hike around and check it out.

Then, we drove over to the Montague Bookmill.  It’s an old sawmill that has been converted into a used bookstore/craft store/bar/restaurant.  It has such a warm and cozy atmosphere, which is why I prefer to visit in the winter.


We took our time driving home, even stopping at a new doughnut shop in Amherst for a snack.  It was a cool little place – small (no seating), but there were TONS of varieties of doughnuts and the owners try to use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.  We passed on Maple, Lemon, Key Lime, Maple & Bacon, The Elvis (peanut butter and banana), and so many more!  Jeb ended up with an Apple Fritter, and I got a Chocolate Frosted with Toffee.  Both were delicious.  I especially liked that the doughnut did not taste heavy and greasy – it was very light!  I will definitely have to limit my trips back, but I’m already deciding if I will try Lemon or Maple next!

We finished the night with a big ol’ salad (with chicken), and some relaxing on the couch.  Back to the pavement tomorrow!



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