Well, at least I didn’t face-plant


This was the terrain for about half of today’s long run.  The rest was wet and slushy or some combination of snow and slush.  It was sunny, though, and not too cold (despite the wind).

Things I learned today about winter running:

  • Wear wool socks.  My feet were so wet and cold after the run.  I think the wool would have done a better job protecting my skin.
  • Wear socks with coverage.  Those no-show socks aren’t going to cut it in the slush!
  • Pace will have to go out the window in this kind of weather.  I can’t get the same kind of stride on uneven and (sometimes) slippery terrain.
  • Running in snow is kind of like running in the sand… you know, except colder.  I could really feel my lower legs getting a different kind of workout.  This can only be beneficial in my training.

All things considered, this was a good workout.  I was way off my normal pace (almost one minute/mile), but I’m glad to be increasing my mileage again.  I felt like I could have gone further, but I don’t want to overdo things (MUST stick to the plan!).

Besides, I had to go wedding shopping with my sister!


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