Meet Wendy

This is Wendy.  She is my running partner.

I have two dogs.  Duke is a Cairn Terrier.  He is sweet and cuddly, and is a wonderful companion.  Duke follows me around the house, and spends every possible moment sitting on my lap (or at my feet).  Wendy is a “hound-mix.”  No one really knows much about her heritage – the shelter said she is part bloodhound, but she also has some qualities of a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  She has webbed feet.  Everywhere we go, someone tells me that she “looks just like_____,” but no one REALLY knows.  Most importantly, Wendy LOVES to run.

I started running with her about a year ago, but we both took a break when I hurt my back and had to stop running.  Once I regained my strength, I began taking her again – and never looked back!  She loves heading out for a workout, and is definitely very motivating on the days I am feeling a little bit lazy.  When we come home, she is so relaxed and happy – like me, satisfied by her efforts.

I’ve read that dogs with her body type can run upwards of 20 miles if they are properly hydrated.  This gives me hope as I build my mileage (not that I intend to see 20 miles anytime soon!).  I don’t know that I could bear to leave her behind!


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