Active Recovery

I was supposed to go for a long run today.  Unfortunately, we got about a foot of snow last night, and by the time the roads were cleared enough so I wouldn’t face-plant while running, it was dark.  Sigh…  tomorrow is another day.

After finishing all my work for the day, I did a light yoga workout.  It felt great to stretch out.  Between that and my valiant efforts to stay hydrated, I think I am ready for a great run tomorrow!

Active recovery is becoming a much more important part of my routine.  I’m not sure if it is because of my injury or just a natural part of the aging process.  Either way, I feel about a billion times better if I take a little time to stretch, foam roll, do yoga, etc.

In other news, this is hilarious…

Not sure why this made me laugh as hard as it did haha


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